Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mom! Where's My Car? In the News

Christmas came a little early this year for Mom! Where's my car? On stands now check us out in Better Homes and Garden Specials magazine "i did it!" There's lots of super ingenious inspiration in the issue to get your creative juices flowing in the new year. Cuz lets be honest, who has time right now to do anything other than shop, wrap, stuff, bake, cook... drink wine... and repeat. Am I right? Christmas is only 10 days away so get to it ladies! 


Friday, October 28, 2016

Mom! Where's my car? wall garage

Hi friends! So much has changed in the daily routine over here at A Lo and Behold Life. If you follow me on Instagram you know that we welcomed our sweet baby boy on September 10th! Juggling a newborn, 6 year old twins, the blog and a growing small business has been an interesting (let's call it) challenge. It's been business as usual over at - my customers don't care about 3 AM feedings. They want to get that growing collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels off the floor and stored away!! And I don't blame them!!  Trust me, this wall garage is life changing! L I F E  C H A N G I N G ! !

I love hearing from my customers and seeing how they put the "Mom! Where's my car" wall garage to work. Check out some of these rad "Mom! Where's my car?" wall garages...

"Just thought we would share this picture of our son enjoying his "masterpiece". Thanks for the high-quality work and thoughtfulness that you put into your work. We would recommend this product to any family drowning in Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars."  - David from Arkansas

"We recently received our little guys wall garage and he is over the moon excited. He loves it so much!!!" - Stephanie from Georgia

"Not sure who loves this more - my son or me!! Take a peek at our collection! Thanks so much!!!" - Lisa from New York, NY

"Nash loves his great wall of Hot Wheels!" - PJ from California

The "Mom! Where's my car?" wall garage even works for corralling Thomas the Trains!

Thanks for sharing your photos guys!  Keep sending them!!! And for those of you out there with little boys (or girls) that are obsessed with Matchbox cars there is no time like the present. You know who you are - I know you are tired of stepping on these little metal cars.  The "Mom Where's my car?" wall garage is an affordable and really cool solution for storing and displaying your little man's collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels.  So head on over to today!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

DIY Yarn Wrapped Bunny Tail Grass

There is something about the first week of September that gets me giddy.  Maybe it's the smell of new school pencils and erasers or the fact that we've had some abnormally crisp cool mornings this week in Pasadena but I am all sorts of excited for the Fall season. It's too early for Halloween decorations but I'm dying to start decorating the house for the upcoming holidays. If you follow me on Instagram...
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