Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dreaming of a Gleaming Master Bathroom

Did I mention the renovation project will take 12 weeks? Oy!!! ...and its only week 4!  Dust particles, stray wood chips, the porta-potty in the yard and a dozen construction workers in and out of the house aside, I can NOT wait for the new bathroom.  I literally day dream about it.  Here are some pictures that have inspired my design and layout of the future master bath...

via hgtv Candice Olsen Design
via Restoration Hardware
via houzz
via Pottery Barn

Enough daydreaming, this was my reality a few short weeks back...the master bathroom (if you can call it a bathroom).  It was SO cramped, just enough room for a shower built like a cave and the porcelain throne.

Here's a better look at the cave shower.  I'm not sure what the original *designer/architect* (cough, cough) was trying to accomplish by surrounding the shower with a wall of tile.  Also, please take note of the shower head placement.  I'm 5'2" so the height of a shower head isn't really a pressing issue for me.  But my husband, fortunately, is NOT 5'2" so the water basically hits him square in the chest.  Poor guy.  The plumbing will be moved to the opposite wall to resolve this flaw in this design issue. Yay!

And you remember this bizarre-ness that's actually in the master bedroom, right?  This sits right outside the "bathroom". 

Construction is well underway and I can taste the dry wall, new skylights, double sink vanity, shower bench and frameless shower doors in my future!

In other news,  I'm debating between these two sink faucets for the his and her's master vanity.  Any preferences?

Option #1

 Option #2



  1. I dig option 1 - cleaner, more modern but still that vintage look.

  2. obviously you like option 1 cuz thats the one I ordered this morning! Thanks for commenting Kara, you're the best :)

  3. I like option #2 better. I know 'the voting' period is over, but I thought I'd still give my two cents. lol.

  4. Your inspirations are all so elegant. :] And I like that there’s a skylight in each. It always adds a nice touch, letting in natural light and moist air while giving you a nice view of the sky. :]

  5. Ooh, the first picture is my dream bathroom! I also love white bathrooms that have skylights. I’m an advocate of energy saving; that’s why I’m interested about your plans. Can I see the finished master bathroom, please? With all those ideas, I bet it was stunning!

    Eugene Head

  6. Those are lovely bathrooms! Though my bathroom is not as elegant as those, the fact that it also has a skylight is already enough for me to be proud of it.

    -Joann Winton


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