Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Little Cupcake

In the months leading up to my husband and I purchasing our second home we would do "drive by's" (in the non-hostile sense of course!) of our dream house countless times in a given week.  Each time we drove by (at 10 mph) my face would be pressed up against the car window as I dreamed of one day living there and thinking about how I would make it our own.  I was literally stalking this house...if stalking a house was possible.  On Father's Day of 2008 it was official, we moved into my little cupcake of a house.  

our home 2008... aka Cupcake

I instantly fell in love with its charm - I'd never seen a house quite like it.  I love how the architecture is a cross between traditional east coast colonial and west coast craftsman.  Very fitting for a gal who grew up in Boston and currently lives in Southern California.  Over the past 4 years, we've made several small updates (including adding the pitter-patter of 2 sets of little feet) and are currently in the process of a MAJOR update to the second floor.   More on all that to come...


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