Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Retrofitted Mudroom

I've always been so jealous of the amazing Entryways and Mudrooms I see on Pinterest and blogs like Megan's at Honey We're Home and Shelley's at The House of Smiths and Heather's at Vivid Hue Home.  Amazing right?! Unfortunately, we just don't have that kind of space in our house.  BUT I THINK I've found a solution.  A little something from Ikea, some MDF board and a few hooks might just do the trick!

This was our situation before.  The twins' shoes would pile up on that window sill along with countless other random crap items.  And more shoes and bags and briefcases would pile up on the floor under the window.  *Those hanging doily things are little butterflies the boys made in art class out of huge coffee filters... cute.

The addition of this shoe cabinet from Ikea was great.  All our shoes are easily stored away when we walk in the door.  Although this area was still missing something.  I didn't like how my bag ("pocketbook" for you East Coasters) and the backpacks and sweatshirts were hanging around.

Why not use all that space under the adjacent window?!  "We" (you know I wasn't using the power tools) cut some MDF board and used a few screws and finishing nails to install the board into place.  Sorry I don't have more pictures of that process (rookie blogger).

A little wood putty on the finishing nails.   Oh look!  A tiny helper decided to join in.

 A little paint to match the original woodwork...

Screw in a few brushed silver hooks...

and "Lo and Behold" I have a "mudroom"!  I switched out the original Ikea knobs on the shoe rack with some cute brushed silver ones.

The boys can open the bottom cabinet themselves and love to put their own shoes and hats away.  Although not as neat as in this picture which is clearly "staged".

I don't know about you, but I am always searching high and "Lo" for my keys - in the bedroom, the freezer, the bathroom, the couch cushions...  You name it, they've been there.  Until now!  They finally have a home along with our sunglasses and phone charging station.

Hopefully this solution will work! I'll keep you posted.  Do you have any hidden nooks in your house that you've converted into usable space?

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  1. Love that board and batten look you got there with the MDF pieces. And a great solution to your problem. It all looks great! The little sneakers and Toms are TOO cute.

  2. The whole room looks so nice and clean and fresh! LOVE how I see little hands helping out as well.... What a great memory for him!

    hugs ~ Crystelle

  3. I love the way the hanging wall turned out. I want to try something like that at my house.

  4. I actually had someone come out a couple weeks ago to give a bid for a checkerboard kitchen classic!
    Hexagonal floor Tile


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