Monday, October 1, 2012

A Stairway to No Where

Here we are in Week 5 of "project renovation".  I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet.  Oxygen masks are still in full effect but some great things are happening this week.  So stay tuned for next week's posts!   So far, I've shared demolition of the master bedroom and bathroom.   This project also includes a remodeled staircase. Ideally, I'd like the stairs to have the look and feel of this (minus the weirdo mermaid).  I love the contrast of the dark mahogany railing against the bright white balusters.  The straight lines of the posts are a modern craftsman style - just the aesthetic I'm going for.  Here's hoping...

via Pottery Barn
The stairs leading up to the second floor were originally accessed from what looked like a closet door.  Then in the 90's they were remodeled to look like this.  It was an improvement but lets be honest...not great.  Consider this as the "Before" picture.

Here's the view from the second floor looking down.  Unfortunately, there are no windows in the upstairs hallway, just a budget florescent light that gives off an eye twitching awesome mustard glow.

Lets open it up a bit, shall we?!?!  The purpose behind updating the stairs is to make the second floor feel less like an attic remodel.  I'm hoping to achieve this by removing part of the stairwell wall and adding a proper railing.  I'm secretly (well maybe not so secretly anymore!) most excited about this part of the renovation.  The lighting plan will include 4 recessed lights to illuminate the stairs and second floor hallway.

And the view from the second floor looking down.  No sneak peaking at the new master bedroom framing!

Has anyone lived in a house during a renovation project?  Any advice on how to deal with the dust (sneeze!)?


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