Friday, October 19, 2012

Children's Photo Shoot

In a few weeks, we are on the calendar for a photo shoot of all the grand kids to give as a Christmas gift to their Grandparents (this was requested, I'm not spoiling any surprises here!)  There's a seven year old little man, a four year old little lady, our two year old twins and a newborn baby boy.

Aside from trying to figure out a way to get my two year olds to sit still, I've been tasked with styling the photograph.  YES - I love shopping for children's clothes!  Here are a few pics I pulled for inspiration...

Prints and Bright Colors 
Dark Neutrals with Patterns and Fun Accessories
Light Neutrals with Lots of Style

Even though I'm totally into colors right now, I'm leaning towards the classic neutral look so in 15 years the kids aren't cursing us for dressing them like "clowns" in the picture hanging in Gram and Geapa's living room.  I can still play with fun patterns and layers to add some texture... especially if we go with a black and white photograph.  Maybe some pops of red would be cute if we decide to go with a color photograph.

Here are a few items I'm loving at my fav children's clothing spots.  This outfit would look cute with those polka dot knee socks and bright red flats.

Crew Cuts

Maybe a little more sophistication for the seven year old.  The kid's got so much style that he could totally pull this hat off too...

Children's Place

Maybe these for the twins paired with gray cords.

 and for the adorable newborn... classic cable knit with some cute little Uggs - nice and comfy

Old Navy

What do you think - too matchy, matchy OR just right?



  1. What a lovely idea. I agree with the theme and I think I'd lean towards the less formal lighter neutral, but both are lovely. Xx

    1. Hi! Thanks for being my newest follower! I think you're right... my looks are leaning towards too formal. I need them to be a little more casual and playful.

  2. Hey Lo, still not getting emails when you update :( Is anyone else? Also, I've been in IT for 15 years and still cannot figure out how to post comments other than Anonymously. ~ Jimmy Jr.


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