Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Choosing a Color Palette

It's almost that time to make a trip to the local True Value shop to pick out Benjamin Moore paints for the Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom and Hallway.   Designs Seeds is just about the coolest site ever for providing inspiration in choosing a color palette for a room or an entire house!  Here are some color schemes that caught my eye.

This "Crashing Blues" palette is a strong contender.   I love the idea of using a crisp light gray in the hallway.  Should I (gulp!) consider doing a horizontal stripe?  The turquoise color is a beauty but might be too much for the walls in a bedroom.  A more "Spa"-esque (yes, I just made up a word) is more soothing and ideal for a place of rest.  I also love the idea of using some dramatic royal and navy blues in accent pieces or pillows as a pop of color in the bedroom.  The twins's room (which is on the second floor across from the master suite) is Benjamin Moore's "Sunrise".  Almost a perfect match with the gray/blue color on the far right.

Benjamin Moore Sunrise
There are varying opinions on this subject but I think the wall color in rooms that are adjacent should coordinate.  Nothing matchy, matchy but compliment each other.  

Here's another great palette called "Crashing Tones".  The light green shade could work on the bedroom walls.  It resembles Restoration Hardware's "Silver Sage" which was the previous color of our bedroom. Love it.

"Surf Tones" have some killer shades of Spa green for the bathroom.  

Any favorites among these or other colors you've used in the past?  I'd love to hear what you think!

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