Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Anniversary

In our family, October is a huge celebration month.  My parent's anniversary on the 2nd, dad's bday & brother and sister in-law's anniversary is the 6th, brother and SIL's bday is the 7th, twins bday on the 9th, brother and SIL's anniversary on the 15th, BFF's bday on the 27th... to name a few!

AND the hubs and my 4th wedding anniversary today... the 11th!  To the love of my life, thanks for loving me everyday.

I'm literally obsessed with our wedding album and look at it all the time.  Here are a few favs of details from the day.

Love you, babe!!  - Tootsie


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  1. Lo! I just discovered your blog and am obsessed :). Keep 'em coming girl! x


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