Friday, October 12, 2012

Home Tour Reveal Part 2

I promised reveals of our guest bedroom, guest bathroom, front porch and kitchen but time just ran away from me this week.  Apologies.  Too much celebrating and I wanted to make the hubs a home cooked meal for our anniversary!  The best I could do is 2 out of 4 - 50%...

Here's the Front Porch that I've started decorating for the Fall season.  The scarecrow will 'hang' out for another couple days until the Halloween decorations make an appearance.  I'm kind of obsessed with flags and have one for every holiday, every season and even sports flags for big games (college and Pro).

This is the spot where you can find me and the hubs enjoying a bottle glass of wine after we put the boys to bed.  The afternoon sun pours in perfectly and is a great spot for people watching...there's a surprising amount of foot traffic on our street.   I suspect we'll be a couple of old bags still hanging out here in a few decades.

Here we are in the downstairs/guest bathroom.  I made a few updates in here before the renovation started.

Here are some before pictures.  Can you pick out the differences?

The chevron pattern on the wall is actually a vinyl decal I found on Etsy for $15.  Much easier than painting in my opinion and if I get tired of it I can easily peel it off.  These shelves from West Elm were a nice addition to spruce the space up with some accessories.

And a custom lampshade also found on Etsy.  In retrospect, I could have made this for way cheaper than what I got it for.  Well.. you live and you learn.

Hope you enjoyed your visit!  I promise some more great reveals next week.  It's on "The List".



  1. Do I spot Back Bay in that print above the towels?? Looks great!

    1. HA! You do! I got that print from a guy on Newbury Street. The black and white on the shelves is Comm Ave too! That photograph was taken by my friend Kara's dad.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi there, I got the hand towels at West Elm last spring. I'm not seeing them on their website now but they do still have smilier styles.

  3. Yay for the Boston/Back Bay print! That's my hometown! Funny to come across it on the night we're watching the world series too!

  4. May I ask what color paint the walls are?

  5. Is that shower curtain from West Elm as well? I have ugly yellow fixtures and I think this would look very nice in there :)


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