Monday, October 22, 2012

Renovation Update: Week 8

Just another Manic Monday over here.  The tile saw started around 7:30 AM and the boys are ready to hit the park.  But first an update on the renovation.  Here we are in Week 8.  Can you believe we're actually running ahead of schedule?  Last week was exciting - the hardwood floor and shower tile were installed.  Take a look!

This is a view from the master bedroom of the master bathroom door.  I chose to go with a frosted glass pocket door to allow light to flow from the bathroom window and skylights into the bedroom.  The pocket door is also a nice space saver in a smaller bathroom.  We won't have to worry about swinging a door open into the toilet or glass shower door!

A view of the bedroom door and "dressing area".

A California King bed will go against this wall with light sconces on either side.   I'm hoping two decent sized end tables will fit on each side of the bed.  It might be a tight squeeze.

A nice view of the hardwood floors and window.  I'm thinking panel window treatments in a fun fabric will work well.

And the new shower.  LOVE IT!  The bright white subway tile for the walls and ceiling really open up the space (not to mention the new skylight!).  The marble hexagon and pencil detail feature help draw the eye in and add some dimension to the space.

A closer look at the hexagon and pencil detail and the His and Hers shampoo niche.  I love how the detail of the tile, niche shelves and bench all coordinate.  

The hardwood floor was installed to run lengthwise in the hallway and bedroom to make the  two spaces run seamlessly into each other.  The hallway would have looked super short if the wood was installed horizontally.

The balusters and stair railing are looking great, too.  Can't wait for painting and staining to begin!

On tap this week, the tile guy will wrap things up in the bathroom which includes grouting the shower with bright white grout and installing the bathroom floor.  I decided to go with light gray grout on the floor - I'll tell you why next week.  Also, the HVAC guy got held up on another job so the furnace/linen closet still looks like this (hiiiisssss!).  Hoping some progress will be made on this!



  1. Wow, things are really moving along. Love the shower...and the pocket door was inspirational!! L, M

  2. Can you please tell me where you got that frosted glass door? I'm looking to get a set for my place within the month.


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