Monday, October 15, 2012

Renovation Update: Week 7

Week 7 of the renovation has commenced.  So many exciting things were accomplished last week.  The stair construction was completed, master bathroom shower was floated (whatever that means!), skylights installed and all dry wall has been installed and primed.  I'm starting to see something that resembles a bedroom now!

Here's a progress picture of the stairs.  I'm in love... 

And the view from upstairs.

If you recall, we knocked out this wall.  The change is dramatic!  The hallway and stairway now have such an open feel (i.e. much less "attic-ey").  

"Cupcakes" master bedroom closet space was pretty weak.  This is what the hubs and I were working with.

HERS... booooooooo!!!!

HIS... laaaammmmmmeee!!!!

Well, we have this crawl space access in dormer #2 of the master bedroom where the furnace lives.  The plan is to move the furnace into the upstairs linen closet and make this our his and hers closet space.

"Lo and Behold" we have a closet,  People!  The addition of a skylight adds an enormous amount of natural light and head room.  This space will be dressed up with custom cabinetry, a nice chair, sconces, a killer mirror and fun accessories.  Moving forward I'll be calling this our "Dressing Area"... the hubs will call it "the closet".  Typical dude.

Here was dormer #1 where the bathroom sink lived.

The plumbing has been moved to the opposite wall AND the best part... the bathroom now has a proper door!  I didn't get it in this shot though.  Sorry, next week!

And the old cave shower.

Now the shower is HUGE!  Another skylight was added to allow more natural light to flow in and the plumbing was moved to the opposite wall.  

On tap this week,  the new furnace hookup (boring), bathroom tile installation (clap, clap!) and hardwood floor installation (WAHOOOO!!!)



  1. Even though it's hard living through reno work the changes are so worth it. All looks amazing so far!! Loving the new stairs.


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