Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Recap

What an amazing day we had yesterday.  My parents were in absolute awe with the amount of foot traffic on the streets of our neighborhood last night.  We went through 8 bags of candy, too.  Even the boys had a blast Trick or Treating.  The Halloween costume of choice this year was a blast from the past family of four from the 1950's.  Andy and I dressed as high school sweethearts and the twins were our "greasers".  Andy rocked a heartthrob wig which was just hysterical.  His mom actually had a letterman jacket from their hometown in the attic.  I found the little leather jackets for the boys on Amazon.

We had some family and friends over for snacks, sandwiches and soup.

And of course we had some wine...  Gotta get that Wine Cork Art finished!

Well the boys are still on a sugar high which means Mom is exhausted.  Off to "rest my eyes".  Tomorrow it's time to take all the Halloween decorations down and get ready for the Thanksgiving Season!

How are you planning on decorating your homes for Thanksgiving?

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