Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kicking it up a notch... It's SPICEY!

Yesterday I revealed the kitchen pantry makeover.  My favorite part of the pantry is the DIY magnetic spice board.  The pantry is right next to the stove so having all my go to spices right next door is super handy.  

This was the spice draw in it's original state.  Close to the stove but just far enough away to be annoying.  And look at this mess.  In most cases, I use fresh herbs so half the jars in here haven't been opened in quite some time.  I hear a good rule of thumb is to pick a time of year and replace your spices every year during that time.  Chances are if they are over a year old, they've lost their flavor flav. 

Back to the magnetic spice board tutorial.  I measured the pantry door to determine what size the board should be and picked up a pre-cut piece of sheet metal at the local hardware store for about $15.  Then cut a piece of fabric leaving some extra to fold over the edges just like you would wrap a present.

Line the edges of the metal and fabric with double sided tape.

And fold the fabric over.

To adhere the metal to the wooden pantry door I used a Mirror adhesive.

After mounting the board to the pantry door, secure it with some tape while it sets in place just to make sure it stays in place.

Have you ever been to World Market?  This was new to me when I moved to the west coast and I love it!  For you east coasters, it's like the Christmas Tree Shop on steroids.  L-O-V-E.  I got these little turquoise magnetic tins there for about $2 each.  And the labels!  Get this... I actually won a giveaway at The Social Home, one of my everyday blog reads.  Jen has an Esty Shop called The Paper Society where she offers her own designs for all sorts of fun labels.  Aren't they the cutest?  I got a few more designs which I'll share next week.

In the infamous words of Chef Emeril Lagasse... BAM!! The before and "kicking it up a notch" after shot of a DIY Magnetic Spice Board. 

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  1. Looks AMAZING! Love those spice tins! Too cute. The chevron definitely finishes every off :)

  2. I love it!!! Wow what a difference a little paint on the wall and fabric shelves can make!! I so want to do this!!!

  3. This is the prettiest inside of a pantry door I've ever seen! Enjoy your easy access to your spices!

    hugs x

  4. I LOVE this! I have always wanted one of these, now I may just make one! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  5. That's a brilliant idea! I love it. I've always thought those magnetic spice holders were so cool, and now know where to get them. :-) We don't have a World Market within 2 hours of us, but we happen to be in the Big City this weekend for a wedding, so I'm going to check and see if there's one here. Love this idea.♥

  6. Love this! I'm going to do this in my cupboards!!!

  7. I put magnets on my spice bottles and just stuck them to the fridge lol This is way cuter! I'd love it if you'd share this at my linky party! http://www.accidentallywonderful.blogspot.com

  8. That looks great. I wish I could do something like that, but my pantry door wouldn't work for that. Great idea and pretty color choices.


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