Thursday, November 15, 2012

Operation Kitchen Cabinet Re-org

It's time.  It's time to stop procrastinating and organize the kitchen cabinets.  It's been on the list for months and months and I'm finally going to tackle this project - also known as Operation Kitchen Cabinet Re-org.  There are two beautiful glass cabinets on either side of the sink.  They have so much potential to be full of style and charm while still being functional.  I put that fabulous fabric to use yesterday and moved some things around.  What do you think??

This was the state of the cabinet before.  All of our everyday glasses, mismatched mugs and random martini and wine glasses (these should be stored in the living room bar.... helloooooo!).  I've replaced them with our white everyday dishes, bowls and coffee mugs, plus a pitcher and my fav cake stand.

First, everything had to be cleared out so I could measure the width and length of the back cabinet wall.

Then I measured out and cut the fabric to size.  I added an inch to the length and the width so I could fold the edges to prevent the fabric from fraying.

Not only do I not own a sewing machine but I have no idea how to use one.  "Lo and Behold"... heat bond!  A pretty freaking cool little item I picked up at the craft store.

I followed the simple directions, folded over the extra inch slack I gave myself on the fabric and ironed on the double sided "sticky hem" (very technical term... ahem).  Again, the purpose of this step is to have a nice clean edge on all sides and prevent the fabric from fraying.

The fabric was installed by using four little thumb tacks on each of the cabinet corners.  I didn't want to use any type of glue substance to mount the fabric because if I get tired of this it can easily be removed or switched out with another fun fabric.

And there you have it.  Not bad for an hour of my day and about $8 for a yard of fabric!

If the boys take a nap time permits, I plan to work on the other glass cabinet tomorrow.  Wish me luck!



  1. You found the fabric!! It looks awesome, love the pop it gives to your white dishes :)

  2. What a difference! That really looks great. New follower.

  3. This looks awesome! Your choice of fabric is lovely!

  4. You have a gorgeous kitchen and I love your fabric choice. Definitely trying this one day.

  5. Coming over from Kristen's and wanted to tell you that I LOVE this little added touch to your cabinet. Looks beautiful!

  6. Can you please tell me who makes the fabric?

  7. What a wonderful idea! I am going to do this for my first summer project.

  8. Love this so much! I can't wait to try this with my open cabinets! Wonderful idea. Thank you.

  9. This totally rocks. I have a white cab kitchen and one lit double glass front cab with clear glass cake stands with lids inside. Can't really see the stands because the back of the cab is white. Was pondering how to put in color in the back that wasn't permanent. My ideas were so much more complicated than this, this is brilliant! Thank you so much for posting!!

  10. Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous, and I am happy to hear about the thumbtacks! I have some similar projects in mind, but I assumed it would be complicated and easy to mess up. Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Thank you!! I was looking for something like this and you provided specific instructions (exactly what I need!). I think this also could work with a thicker paper, too, depending on how much use the cabinet gets. Love the thumbtack fix!

  12. Gorgeous fix for an open cabinet. Was wondering about the weight and characteristics of the fabric you used. Was it drapery weight or pima cotton, etc.?


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