Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baking Cabinet

So Operation Kitchen Cabinet Re-Org continues onto the "Baking Cabinet".  I think I've assembled it into a spot where I'll actually be more apt to bake something... which my husband is very excited about.

And the ever loving before pic.  Ughhhh, seriously?  I didn't even want to open this cabinet and take time out of my day to find the sugar and sprinkles to make a tasty treat.  (don't even ask how long that box of corn starch has been in there, never mind what's lurking in those silver tins).

I'm rather short so visibility is vital for this little lady.  Searching for ingredients when you're in the thick of assembling a pie is so annoying.  I saw this gorgeously organized cabinet on Jenny Steffen's blog and knew what I had to do.  Don't you just want to bake some scones looking at this?!

Using a few pieces of wood lying around the garage I was able make multiple levels within the cabinet.  And a little fabric to "pretty up" the space can't hurt.

There we go!

I used mini mason jars that I already had for some essential baking ingredients.  And labels are essential.  These were part of my amazing giveaway win from Jen at The Social Home and her Paper Society Esty shop! I'm totally crushing on them - labeling has become an obsession of mine.  As a joke, my husband labelled the oven and microwave one morning with post-it notes.  Damn you for mocking me, boy!


The cute oil and vinegar jars were a World Market find.

And who doesn't want to make sprinkled cookies when they look so cute on display... "they must be sprinkled".

And finally, a place for my Kitchen Aid mixers and measuring spoons to live using a few simple command hooks. Total easy access.

However, be forewarned. Just because you have a cute and organized baking cabinet doesn't mean you can make beautiful cookies all the time.  In an attempt to create these...

via Jenny Steffens Hobick
... mine turned out like this.  FAIL!  Clearly I need to step up my game on the cookie frosting front.  Despite their pitiful appearance, it didn't stop me from taking down 3 of the 5 cookies shown here.  Hello, holiday 5 pounds... I've been expecting you.

Nevertheless, I'm happy with my "before and after".  



  1. Looks amazing! Love the spirnkles! I may have to steal your raiser idea- brilliant!

  2. Oh my!! Beautiful! Where did you get the jars for your sprinkles?

    1. They were actually old spice jars that I saved from a few years back. I think i got them at Target.


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