Friday, December 28, 2012

Toddler Travel Pack

I mentioned yesterday that I was a busy bee days leading up to our trip to Boston gathering all the odds and ends to keep our two little ones entertained on a 6 hour flight from Los Angeles to Boston (...and back).  Here's a peek at all the activities and travel gear that helped make both flights smooth sailing (so to speak).

The boys have been on several flights since they've been born.  We're hoping they grow to love traveling... well they better since my family lives all over the map!  This was the first flight each of us had our own seat since the boys are now 2.  I've come to find when flying with toddlers it's better to separate them and bring the car seats on board.  What a difference! It's amazing how their little bodies will sit still for hours in that magical car seat...

So here's the run down on the travel gear and pack...

1) Go-Go Babyz gogo Kidz Travelmate.  This thing was a lifesaver!  You simply click the car seat onto the travelmate which makes it super easy to transport the car seat to your gate AND you can use it as your stroller in the airport.  It's funny how people think you're rolling a suitcase through the terminal and then... BAM!... there's a kid in there!

2) Snacks, snack, and more snacks.  The lollipops worked like a charm during take off and landing to help their little ears from popping

3) Wipes, hand sanitizer and Tylenol.  I really don't care if people in the adjacent rows think I'm a hypochondriac vigorously wiping down the tray tables, arm rests, windows and walls of our row... airplanes are gross.  I'll take the chance at looking like a neurotic mom to save my kids from a nasty cold or god knows what else.

And the Tylenol was just for emergency purposes.

4. Star Kids Snack & Play Tray... save the yourself the hassle of apologizing to the person sitting in front of your child because he or she finds it entertaining to put the tray table up and down and up and down and up and down... etc.  This tray works great for holding snacks, playing with toys, holding a book or iPad.  It sits right on their lap and even has little side pouches for easy access to toys and books.  Loved it!

5.  I packed a 2.5 gallon Ziploc bag with all the necessary diaper changing items.  This way I didn't have to lug that big backpack down 20 rows to the tiny bathroom while slugging each innocent bystander sitting on the aisle in the head.  It was equipped with diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for each child and a change of clothes for mom and dad.  Just in case someone tossed their cookies before getting to the barf bag.

6 & 7) Books!  We had books that you read, activity books, books that had wheels and looked like a truck, pop-up books, coloring books... books, books, books.  These kept the boys busy for at least an hour.  HA!

8) Cars.  As long as there is a car in one of their hands they are usually content.

9) The incredible and amazing iPad.  I must admit this was the piece de resistance of the travel pack.  We loaded each iPad up with educational games/apps and their favorite movies.  These kept the boys entertained for the majority of both flights.

10) Vtech Smart Phone - compact but packed with fun little games

11) Emergency pacifier if all else fails

12) Little trinket toys that they've never played with before.  Anything new will keep them busy for a least a little while

13) Stickers and temporary tattoos

14) Finger lights.  These were a surprising huge hit.  Kids... they like the strangest things.

I hope these little tips and tricks help any of you who have upcoming travel plans with your little ones.  For an inquiring minds, the boys did amazing on the flight out Boston.  The flight home was a little longer so each of them got "ants and the pants" syndrome before they passed out for an hour.  But all in all it was a success.


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