Thursday, December 13, 2012

What a Knob!

The renovation is in its final, final stages and I'm so in love with all my design decisions so far in terms of the floor layout, the paint colors, the bathroom tile and countertops etc.  I can't wait to share how everything came together.  However, not just yet.  We've experienced a delay because of an issue with the stain color on the stairs (fyi, it doesn't match the wood on the second floor, Oy!)  Sooooo, we're kind of at a stand still until that is resolved.  In the meantime, I'm calling all second opinions and the peanut gallery!  If you had to choose between the below for your bathroom and closet hardware which would you choose? Decisions, decisions...

I could go for the Traditional Clear Glass Knob.  The natural light in the bathroom would bounce off the glass on this knob.

Restoration Hardware
The Gilmore Knob is a classic traditional look... maybe too boring for my taste.

Restoration Hardware
I'm partial to the craftsman/shaker look.  We have these Gilmore Pulls on our kitchen and I love them.

Restoration Hardware
The Aubrey Pull is really nice, too.  This could work on the cabinet doors or drawers... or both!

Restoration Hardware
The Duluth Pull is a little more modern take on the Gilmore Pull.

Restoration Hardware
Or I could totally go the opposite direction and use some Utility Latches on the cabinet doors.  I've always loved this look.

Restoration Hardware

I'm leaning towards the Gilmore or Aubrey Pulls.... or a combination of both.  I'd love to hear what you think.  Leave me a comment to share you opinions :)


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