Monday, January 21, 2013

Recipe Binder Organization

On Friday, I mentioned a few projects on the weekend agenda.  As suspected, the cold that has been chasing around the kiddos finally caught me - sigh. Needless to say, other than feeding my children, I got nothing accomplished - sigh.  And the Patriots lost - sigh. Feeling bad for me yet?! Just kidding, I'm clearly still hyped up on Robitussin - that stuff is potent! Anyway, this morning as the boys were working on their sorting and puzzle skills I decided to join them and sort out my recipe binder!

Just to recap, here's a look at the "Before." Not bad... but in some need of more page pockets and recipe categorizing.

We got started after a quick run to Office Depot for a box of sheet protectors.  For whatever reason, I already had filing tabs in the office closet.  Notice the Halls Triple Soothing Action bag on the counter? cough... cough... sigh.

I also picked up an extra 3-ring binder.  I had all the kitchen small appliance manuals in the recipe binder which were taking up a lot of space.  So I quickly separated them into another binder, slapped a label on it and put it in the office closet with all our other house manuals.

Back to the recipe binder!  Using Post-it notes, I categorized and sorted all my recipes into piles around the kitchen.

And then created a label for each category, stuck each of them to a filing tab and then onto a sheet protector.  Clearly, I alphabetized and put them in rainbow color order... because I'm a lunatic.  No judgement please!

At that point, it was time to start clearing the recipe piles off the counter and placing them under the appropriate category in the binder.  And... DONE!

hmmm..... so what's for dinner?!


  1. Nice work! I love having everything organized and easy to find when it's time to plan menus. My recipe binder looks very little like this though :) Someday...

  2. Hi, Lo

    This is a great idea and love how you jazzed it up. : )


  3. Lo,

    I desperately need to do this! Love it!

    p.s. could the boys be any cuter working on their puzzles??!


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