Friday, January 4, 2013

The Barefoot Challenge

I've been inspired.  Recently one of my everyday reads and favorite bloggers launched a great project, "A Month of the Barefoot Contessa" - her answer to "What's for dinner."  Tell me about it! Those words are uttered in our house at least once a day.  Anyway, she plans to cook her way through Ina Garten's new cookbook "Foolproof" for the entire month of January and has invited her readers to join her.  You can read all about it at her blog Everyday Occassions by Jenny Steffens here.  What a great idea, right? 

And THEN.... that very afternoon while perusing through Homegoods look what I found on the shelf?!  "Lo and Behold" it was the Foolproof cookbook at 30% off (i think it was discounted because the book's paper jacket had the smallest little tear in it).  I mean seriously... it was fate telling me that I had to buy the cookbook and join in on the fun with Jenny.  RIGHT?!?!

I'm hoping I can manage to cook or bake at least one item from the amazing cookbook each week to share with Jenny.  What am I going to make first?!


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