Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"The List"

2013 New Year's Resolution: Eat less carbs

Log: January 2nd.  Had lasagna for dinner last night.  FAIL!

I'm horrible at New Year's resolutions most likely because I have ZERO willpower or self control.  And especially when I "resolve" to put myself on a destined for failure crash diet.  All kidding aside, I've resolved to take a slightly different approach this year.  After all, the true meaning of a resolution (according to the all knowing Wikipedia) is "a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change..."  Jeez, what a novel idea.  Projects and reform, I can do... diets, not so much.  So here goes, "The List" according to Lo for 2013.

Decorate newly renovated Master Bedroom, Bathroom and Hallway.  This is going to take up a major chunk of time and money.  I can't wait to get started!!

Continue to create and find inspiring ideas to organize & decorate our home.  One of my most popular posts last year was the Laundry Room makeover.

Stock the fridge and pantry with healthy food every week.  Staying motivated to exercise is not my problem.  Perhaps it's one of the perks of living in the SoCal climate - I'm easily motivated to go for a run or do some form of physical activity during the week.  For me the challenge is keeping a healthy diet. I LOVE food.  I'm hoping stocking the kitchen with lots of organic foods, fruits, veggies and healthy snacks will help keep me and the fam on track to a nutritious diet in 2013.

Make a weekly dinner menu every Sunday.  Another attempt at keeping to that nutritious diet.  If a weekly menu is planned, I'm hoping it will help avoid random impulse purchases at the grocery store.  That's when I usually get into trouble at Trader Joe's... "OH, this four cheese thick crust pizza will be great one night when I'm not up for cooking..."  FAIL!!

Update the Office to share the space with the boys as a playroom.

Wash my face and apply eye and face creme every night before bed.  Let's face it... I'm not getting any younger ladies.
Blog at least 3 times a week.  Since launching this little thing I call "a Lo and Behold life" in September it has kept my creative juices flowing and growing.  I've found a new passion for photography, especially food photography (shocker!).  I'm excited & motivated to learn more about it and improve my skills.  But one of the greatest things is hearing from friends, family and new followers about how I've "inspired" them to do this and that around their own homes & lives.  Truly amazing!

I think that's enough for now - don't want to set myself up for failure!  Happy New Year everyone!!!



  1. My mouth dropped open when I saw the bathroom shot and my first thought was, "How did I miss the reveal photos of this gorgeous bathroom?!" And then realized it was an inspiration pic :) Pretty awesome inspiration though, and I will be just as excited to see YOUR new bathroom when it's ready for its big reveal :)

    1. Ha! I wish! We're still waiting for the painter to come and paint the bath vanity and all the new cabinetry. SOOO close to being done. Can't wait for the reveal!

  2. Hi, Lo S

    I just love this post. You have a beautiful home. I so enjoyed looking over your lovely blog and I am a new follower. Love for you to stop by Have a great week.


  3. Love the list Lo! I have a lot of the same items on my list that I haven't really made into a list yet, just swirling around in my head.....can't wait to see how you accomplish them so I can cheat and just do whatever you do! :)


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