Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekend Projects

The weekend is here and we find ourselves with hardly any plans.  Other than watching the Pats game with the fam on Sunday, we literally have nothing on the calendar.  Don't you LOVE weekends like that?  I feel like we've been "on the go" since November.  A nice quiet weekend at home is just what this family needs - especially, since the kiddos have not 100% kicked their flu like symptoms and whatever they had is making its way to me and the hubs. Assuming my health stays in tact I plan on tackling a few mini projects that have been on "The List" for a while now.

1) My recipe binder has seen better days - it's in need of a seriously face lift.  I ran out of clear 3-hole pockets so I find myself stuffing the front pocket with new recipes that I want to try.  And the recipes could be categorized a little better especially since the only current categories are "Pastas" and "Desserts"... riiiiiiighhhhht.

2) The Kitchen Cabinet Re-Org Project is still haunting my dreams with 4 upper level cabinets to go (I haven't even touched the lower cabinets).  This one is going to get tackled this weekend.

3) Valentine's Day is around the corner.  I found these adorbs little felt hearts at the craft store the other day - perhaps a cute string of garland for the mantle is in my future...

4) Close friends of ours gave the kiddos a great Christmas gift of Melissa & Doug musical instruments that were all neatly packaged in this wooden tray.  I've actually been on the hunt for a tray this size for a kitchen counter project I've been thinking about.  Maybe this little guy will get a makeover, too!

What projects will you be tackling this weekend?

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