Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Decisions... Decisions...

I am totally overwhelmed... trying to decide on a look and feel for the new master bedroom decor has put me in a complete tail spin.  Initially the direction I wanted to go in was deep and bold colors for the rug, accent chair and window treatments.  Now... not so much.  I'm craving the simplicity of grays, creams and oatmeal linens.  Why do I keep flip flopping?  Is it because the deeps blue hues make me feel warm and cozy on a cold winter's night?  And now that the weather is warming up in SoCal I want a summery crisp and clean look?  Or maybe the neutral palette is more flexible should our tastes change?  hrrrrmmmm...

I'm currently crushing on these two rugs which are posted on my Pinterest Master Bedroom Board.  This is the new Vine Platinum Rug over at Dash & Albert.

And this Nourison Graphic Illusion over at

But THIS is what I was originally crushing on less than 3 months ago...
Completely different direction right?  Almost... totally opposite.  See why I'm running in circles?

These also recently caught my eye which fall under the neutral color wheel.  I'm loving the rugs, window treatments and chairs shown here.

Am I playing it safe with a neutrals palette or is it smarter to invest in items with versatility?  I suppose I can always add dramatic pops of color with accent pillows, throws and art...  hrmmm like I said, decisions, decisions...



  1. I would say go neutral on the floors...a rug is a big investment and you might tire of the bolder colors over time. With a neutral you can add pops of color elsewhere in ways that are easier to change out even seasonally if you want!

  2. I just discovered your blog and read the whole thing this morning.... and now I'm breathlessly waiting for your master remodel! Everything else in your home is wonderful! I love the color choices, the organization, the decor and the two curly haired cutie patooties interspersed throughout! Can you tell me the wall color for your living room (golden, yellow, tanish,,,,)? We are working on our own remodel and that's EXACTLY what I've been looking for for our family room, entry, kitchen area. Thanks!!! Now get back to work and finish your remodel!

    1. Thanks Jensie!! The living room was painted this color when we moved in and they previous owners didn't leave behind a paint can :( I would say its a golden khaki color... very warm. Stay tuned for pics of the master reno in a couple weeks! Good luck with your remodel.


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