Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Operation Kitchen Cabinet Re-org Update

Another cabinet down in the never ending "Operation Kitchen Cabinet Re-org".  I feel like this little organization project has taken forever since... GASP it started back in November.  But then I realized the approach of taking it one day at a time (or one cabinet at a time) has made the process seamless and manageable.  Each cabinet takes about 15 to 20 minutes to straighten out.  Can you remember the last time you had 3 consecutive AND uninterrupted hours of free time? Yeah, neither can I.  And truthfully, if I do find myself with 3 spare hours, Girlfriend is taking herself to the day spa... NOT organizing cabinets!

The two top shelves require the use of a kitchen stool to reach the items up there (I'm such a shortie) so they are a good spot for cooking and serving dishes that aren't used everyday.  The bottom two shelves are reserved for snacks and opened pantry items.  I'd love to keep the pantry items IN the pantry but unfortunately space does not permit. 

Here is the before picture.  

Remember when I was the lucky winner of Jen's cute labels from The Social Home?  I put them to good use in this cabinet to label containers I already had from Ikea and The Container Store for snacks, pastas, granola, cereal, pastas.. to name a few.  This may seem like over kill but you would be surprised how the simple step of labeling will keep you (and others) in check allowing items to STAY organized over time... especially when the hubs or babysitter are helping to put away the groceries.  

And I whipped out my own label maker to categorize the serving dishes for the top shelves.  

Drum roll please....

Next up... the cabinet over the refrigerator.


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