Friday, March 8, 2013

On a Lighter Note

Ok... let's talk lighting.  I mentioned earlier this week that I am on the hunt for an elegant wall sconce for the new master bedroom closet.  So far the only one I'm digging is this Antique Silver Leaf Wrought Iron bath bar.  But I'll tell ya what I'm NOT digging...  the price.  Almost $500 for this bad boy.  

Am I crazy or is that way too much to spend on a light... that will go in a closet none the less.  Or  is this what lighting costs these days?  I'm looking to you, my loyal and amazing readers to help me out.  Anyone know of some great discount lighting wholesalers?  In the infamous words of Maverick, "Talk to me Goose..."

To recap, this is the spot in question.  The ceiling is on a slant so head room is limited.  A flush wall mounted sconce will most likely work best.

Shades of Light has some decent options like this Jonathan Adler grid wall sconce.  The only question is can it be mounted to the wall horizontally instead of vertically.  And honestly, this might be a little to modern for my taste.


Another option on Shades of Light is this square wire lattice geo drum sconce.  But there's really nothing special about this one either that I'm in love with.

There's no way the mister will approve of this LED Disco Ball.  But it's super cute, right?!  Not sure it's right for our closet anyway.

Sooooo... help a girl out.  Where are some great places that you've scored some amazing lighting for reasonable prices?



  1. Hi, Lo :)Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today! I just love your style. I look foward to following you! xo Kristin


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