Monday, March 4, 2013

Renovation Update: Master Closet

Wow it's been SO long since my last renovation update post.  The painter has recovered from hand surgery so we are really in the homestretch now!  Today I'm sharing the progress of the Master Bedroom closet.  

This space was originally used as a furnace room and storage space which was access from a mini-door in the master bedroom.  The furnace has been moved to another area of the house allowing this square footage to be used as functional space.

A door is not an option for this unique space so I opted to have custom cabinets built to look like pieces of furniture since this area is open to the master bedroom.  To help accomplish this, the wood work has been painted a glossy bright white and a dark stain was used for the cabinet tops.  The hardware on the drawers are Restoration Hardware's Gillmore Pulls and on the doors are Restoration Hardware's Aubrey Pulls.  I can't wait to decorate and organize this space.  The plan is to eventually replace that plain & ugly light bulb fixture with an elegant wall sconce.  There are so many reasonably priced lighting options.  I'll share the direction I'm heading towards in another upcoming post.  A small runner could also soften up this space.  

The closet space may appear to be small but by utilizing every square inch we were able to create ample storage space.  Let's face it, I'll never have enough clothes & shoe storage but this is definitely an improvement from my previous situation!

And every one's favorite part.  The "BEFORE" picture

And the "AFTER" picture

A few finishing styling touches and this space will finally be completed.  What do you think of the progress so far?


  1. So gorgeous! What a perfect way to use that space.

  2. What else can I say, Lo? You’re renovation is really making the whole house look awesome! I love how you decided to paint your house with light colors to reflect light from your windows. That’ll save you more money as you’ll be using less fluorescent lights. I just hope that you can place some colors on your furniture so that it can add a kick to the look of the house. That is, if you want to. :)

    Elidia Wolford

  3. thank you for allowing us into your home :) I love the paint in the Master bedroom :)

  4. Thank you for allowing us in your home. I love the paint in the master bedroom.

  5. I saw your feature on Sheknows and I'd love to know where you purchased your custom drawers inside your closet (the ones that you show holding pjs)? Thanks!

    1. Ho Molly. I got them at the Container Store. They are the white mesh drawer units... Oh and they are having a 30% off sale right now!


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