Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Showers bring May flowers

April showers...

... bring May flowers!!

I know it's May when the Iceberg Roses in our front yard come out to play.  They are in full bloom this week and they smell & look beautiful!

This window box gets hit with a ton of hot afternoon sun.  Every season I plant something different and at the end of every season the flowers look like little burnt croutons (#greenthumbfail, #alwaysforgettowaterflowers).  I'm hoping for the best this Summer with these adorable Daisies.  According to the staff at the local nursery, they should be able to handle the hot California sun.

Are your flowers in bloom yet?



  1. The roses are beautiful! Everything is starting to bloom here. So looking forward to having my peonies and hydrangeas to cut and bring indoors for a bit of color.

  2. Beautiful. The flag is so cute.


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