Friday, May 17, 2013

Coo-Coo for Cookbooks!

Did everyone have a wonderful Mother's Day?!  I can hardly believe almost a week has already past.  The boys and I crashed Andy's business trip in Santa Barbara this week.  We had the best time and you know time always flies when you're having fun.

Today I'm sharing some of the super sweet and thoughtful Mother's Day gifts I received from my family.  Barefoot Contessa Cookbooks - The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, Parties and Family Style.  I literally read each of these like a novel in one sitting.  There are so many amazing recipes and entertaining tips not to mention the incredible food photography - OBSESSED! I suspiciously suspect the hubs was hoping to benefit from a gift like this.  He's such a great taste tester.

Are you aware of the HAPPY CHIC collection by Jonathan Adler available at JC Penney? I heart everything in the collection.  Especially these Apple Bookends.  How perfect are these for cookbooks in the Kitchen??

Our kitchen was looking a little sterile so having my cookbooks displayed on the counter adds  decoration to the countertops and easy access to my fav recipes.  Decor meets both form and function!  High Fives all around, Ladies! 

Here are a couple pics from our Santa Barbara trip.  I made the rookie blogger mistake of forgetting the camera up in the room every time we went out.  Wooopsies.  Thank God for iPhones.  I'll be sure to take better pics next time since I think we're going to make it a habit of tagging along whenever there's a business trip to SB!

We spent the majority of our days swimming in the wading pool at the hotel.

Andy's birthday is tomorrow and we're hosting a little BBQ in the backyard.  Everything on the menu is sure to come from my new Barefoot cookbooks.  I'll be sure to share next week.  Have a great weekend!



  1. I love my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks too! I hadn't seen the J.A. items at JCP. Will definitely have to check it out. The bookends are adorable!!

  2. lovin those bookends!!!!! and loved the way you styled them in the kitchen!


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