Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Romans for the Master

Finally, a little privacy!  I'm not quite sure what took so long to install window treatments in the new master bedroom.  Luckily, our backyard is surrounded by tall trees and shrubbery because it literally felt like we were living in a fish bowl for a while.

I'm in love with this neutral linen fabric and the platinum embroidery detail - it's called "Stargaze".

We ordered the shades online through Smith and Noble's DIY service.  According to my handyman (a.k.a. husband), they were relatively easy to install.  All three windows took about an hour.

Some people prefer their bedrooms to be completely dark - I did too when I had the luxury of sleeping in until noon on the weekends pre-kids.  But I opted to forgo the light blocking liner because I like a little light peeking through the pretty linen fabric in the morning.  It's a nice soothing way to wake up.

An inset roman shade was my first choice but unfortunately the window frame is not deep enough.  Blasted!  Who knew that would be something you need to tell your contractor when he's ordering the window.  Ya live and ya learn.

Just keepin' it real... I still need to steam the left panel.  But, come on, who likes to steam anything in 100 degree heat?!

... and I loath making the bed (and apparently combing my son's hair).

So here is the before...

And the after.

What's your preference - blackout shades or a little light peeking in?


Monday, July 8, 2013

Red, White and Blues

Hope everyone had an amazing Fourth of July!   I definitely have the blues this Monday after such a fun and relaxing holiday weekend.  We kept it low key this year and participated in our neighborhood's annual July 4th parade and hosted a small BBQ with another family that has twins our boys age.  Lot's of fun! 

The boys rocked their decorated scooters and Kid Knievel helmets in the parade line.

Nothing says "AMERICA" like a huge hawk flying overhead during the parade.

I picked up a few red, white and blue decorations to spruce up the back patio for the barbecue.  Among them was this super cute blanket.  It is part of Target's FEED USA line.  FEED's mission is to create good products that help feed the world.  Purchasing this blanket will provide approximately 24 meals for children and families across America.  Nice!!!

Today, we're back to our normally scheduled programming.  Potty training.... oh boy...
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