Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Pom Pom Garland

Ok.  So maybe I've gone a little overboard with the Christmas decorations this year.  But Benny and Ty are at the age when they finally understand the concept of this holiday so I feel like I have an excuse to adorn every nook and cranny of this house with red and green.  side note: Benny likes to sing Happy Birthday to the little Baby Jesus in our Nativity scene on a daily basis... it's pretty cute.

Normally, I wouldn't set up a tree in the boy's room but we used a little 3 foot Christmas tree as a prop in this year's family holiday card so I decided what the heck.  There are just a few ornaments hung that the boys and I made together but the star of the show is this DIY pom pom garland.

There are lots of tutorials online about how to make these little cuties.  I followed the Offbeat Bride's step by step process.  It's so easy.  My favorite part was giving the pom a little haircut to shape it into a perfect little fluffy "poof".

For this holiday pom pom garland I used apple red, pine green and warm cream colored yarn.

Then I threaded all the little poms onto a long string of baking twine.  

And draped the garland on the tree.  

The boys are loving it, too. They lie in bed each night and just stare at all the pretty twinkling lights until they fall fast asleep.  It's a freaking CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Doesn't it look like the tree is getting a big teddy bear hug from a cozy winter sweater?!

Today, I'm linking up to these fun Holiday Link Parties at Hi Sugarplum and Michaela Noelle Designs



  1. Super cute. We used to make those pom poms all the time. I actually have them tied on the skates that are on our wreath for our front door.
    I cannot believe how much the boys have grown!!


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