Thursday, December 12, 2013

Red Ribbon Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree typically looks the same year after year.   But I'm totally OK with that.  Noble fur is our tree of choice because it has the most amazing & distinctive scent - think Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar (YUM!) and white twinkle lights (about 900 of them!).  To add a little pop of color, I tie little red grosgrain ribbon bows all over.  It's such a classic look.

But my most favorite part about our tree is the ornaments.  Every single one has a special meaning associated to it.  Unwrapping them from the crinkled tissue paper is like opening a memory from our family's past.  We say things like "Oh, remember this one?! We got this one when we vacationed in Nantucket" or "This was the one your grandmother made when you were a kid."  They ALL warm my heart.

My husband and his mom made this one when he was just a baby - maybe 1 year old.  It's his little finger prints that make up the caterpillar's body.  How adorable, right?!  My mother-in-law handed this down to Andy and I during our first Christmas together.

 Here are my guys hanging their hand print ornaments we made together when they were 1 year old.  

This one always get me.  I forget how big my belly was until I see this ornament.  It was taken about 2 weeks before the boys were born.   Look how peaceful and calm I was... clearly I had NO clue what was to come!!!!

Thanks for coming by to see our tree!

I'll be sharing with Megan at Honey We're Home and Courtney at A Thoughtful Place in their Holiday Cheer Link Party.  Check it out!


  1. Beautiful. Saw your kitchen tour over at Jen's...amazing!! Hope you are all doing well.

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  3. it's beautiful!!! love the idea of the ribbons on there. We have done that in the past and it's such a classic look.


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