Monday, August 11, 2014

The Invisible Touch

Heyo! I've been wanting to share some updates we've made to the living room but it's not exactly where I want it to be.  Ha… will it ever be?  No room is ever "done"... am I right?  This blog would literally be filled with blank pages if I waited to share a room when it was "done".  So you want to get into it?  Here goes… the before.

We painted the ceiling and trim bright white, painted the walls the same color as the dining room - Benjamin Moore Carlisle Cream, moved some furniture around, changed around some framed photographs, restyled the mantel and the purpose of today's post… I sewed some invisible zipper pillows!  

I was totally smitten over this Premier Prints Zippy Cloud Denton fabric when Sarah M Dorsey Designs shared her DIY pillows over at her blog.  I order a few yards almost immediately from the OnlineFabricStore and got to work on putting these together.

Here's a shot of the invisible zipper.  Not quite totally invisible but I'm a beginner… like I literally have no idea what I'm doing with the sewing machine I bought last month.  Totally winging it.

Want a behind the scenes peek of this photoshoot?  This was going on at my toes as I took these shots :)  In their PJs as per usual.

Paw Patrol to the rescue!!! …and Spongebob

The space still needs a serious pop of color though.  Even though I have been gravitating towards neutral decor tones there are just too many beiges & browns going on right now.  

I order samples of these from Spoonflower today - do you think one of these could work for a 26"x26" corner pillow?

This week I'll be sharing a full tutorial on these pillows as well as more detail on some of the other living room updates we've made.  See ya later!


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  1. Okay those kids are ridiculously cute!! How I miss my oldest son's curls, I wish I had ignored everyone telling me to cut them off cause they never came back! I know you're a smitten mama with those two around! :)


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