Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Watercolors for the Water Closet

Ok. Well I don't really call it a "water closet" per se but nevertheless… how sweet are these watercolors?  I had intended on painting something myself for this wall but almost 2 years later and the wall was still empty… oh and I still have zero talent with a paint brush.  And so it goes, right?  In my search for something airy and whimsy with a pop of color I happened upon these beauties.  Hannah, from the adorably creative We Lived Happily Ever After, created these printable watercolors and has them posted on her blog - wait for it - for a FREE download.  SCORE!  I love nothing more than when artists are willing to share their talents with the likes of the less artistically inclined… cough cough... me.  Hannah so generously does so with her "Timelessly Trendy" Watercolors.

The colors pop perfectly against the wall color which is Benjamin Moore's Healing Aloe.

The master bath has also been hit with a few more accessories from the beloved Homegoods.  Some bath mats to keep our toes cozy, baskets for extra storage...

My obsession with boxwoods continues with this one that I placed in a white ceramic pot from Ikea and a crystal dish to hold my goods when I remember to wash my face.

These baskets are working out great for extra hidden storage.

But my most favorite addition are these framed watercolors.  Thank you, Hannah!  Go see yourself!  Hannah is tremendously creative and shares all sorts of goodies at We Lived Happily Ever After.


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