Thursday, October 16, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week 3 Closet Re-Org

The One Room Challenge continues as we enter into week 3!  Jeeze, the weeks seem to be flying by and I find myself at the half way point of this crazy challenge I volunteered myself for.  To check out my progress from week 1 click here and week 2 click here.

As a former project manager in the advertising world I work best with to-do lists and a well thought out timeline.  When I convinced Andy that I (code for "we") was signing up for the ORC I went through a list of action items (that is such an agency word… the next thing you know I'll be writing up call notes after each completed deliverable (another agency word) ... DORK!).  Enough of that… let's get to it.  Here is the list of tasks and projected schedule for our Playroom Office Combo makeover.

Week 1

Put a plan in place with a design board
Define what is realistic and what are nice to have's

Week 2 

Order fabric samples
Build play table and chairs
Paint play table and chairs
Set up craft supplies for table top

Week 3

Clean out useless junk from the closet
Re-organize craft supplies
Organize the the boys' dress up/costumes
Organize shelves (house paperwork, envevelopes, photos etc)
Purchase supplies for reading nook and part of desk unit

Week 4

Create storage for board games, puzzles and extra craft supplies
Start building reading nook
Build book storage for reading nook
Plan how to use fabric
Order fabric
Order supplies for roman shades

Week 5

Start building desk unit
Paint reading nook
Hang book storage
DIY roman shades
Order art and accessories
Start to sew reading nook cushion and pillow covers

Week 6

Hang artwork
Install roman shades
Finish sewing reading nook cushion and pillow covers
Style room
Take final photos

I'm sure things will shift around.  And some of these things may not be realistic from a budget standpoint within these next few weeks.  But like I said, I work better with a to-do list and a thought out plan of attack.

Soooooo, without further ado, week 3 progress.  Take a look!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I tackled my craft supplies on Monday and Andy picked up some supplies for the reading nook last night.

via aloandbeholdlife Instagram
via aloandbeholdlife Instagram

Week 3 tasks completed.  Next on tap for week 4… figure out where to put all these board games and puzzles and toys.. oh my!

Also, don't forget to check out these amazingly talented bloggers that are participating in the ORC at Calling it Home.  Thanks for hosting this amazing event, Linda!  So much inspiration!



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