Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 4: One Room Challenge Reading Nook Progress

We're moving full steam ahead into week 4 of the 6 week One Room Challenge.  Just in case you're not familiar with the ORC, it's that challenge hosted my Linda at Calling it Home where participants go totally crazy transforming a room from start to finish in just 6 short weeks.  It's my first time participating and I must say that I'm loving every crazy moment of my Playroom Office Combo makeover.

To get caught up to speed on how the room has transformed check out the previous weeks.

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This week I'm checking in to share how the cozy reading nook is coming along.  Take a look.  Construction, installation and the first coat of primer are complete.  It still needs some finish work and another couple coats of some semi gloss white paint to match the trim.  And course it needs all the bells and whistles - like cushions and pillows to actually make it "cozy".

I've been Instagraming sneak peek photos of our progress each week.  Here's a couple pics posted of the construction.

A Lo and Behold Life Instagram
A Lo and Behold Life Instagram
Before the built-in could be installed "we" (Andy) had to relocate the cable/internet wire about a foot to the right.  This required an adventure underneath our house in the 3 foot crawl space that is covered in spider webs and God knows what else!  GROSS!

Here's Andy entering.  Loving the thumbs up enthusiasm, babe!  Also loving Ben's Storm Trooper PJs.

A picture says a 1000 words right? My PixelateImage app came in handy on this one.  He is definitely not holding up that same "thumbs up" finger.  HA!  Needless to say Andy did NOT enjoy his adventure underneath our 100 year old house.  But he got the job done.  Relocate cable wire - check!

Aaaaaaannnnyyyway.  In other news, my fabric samples arrived!  I could not be more happy with the color and quality of each sample.  The plan is to use the blueish green with cream geometric pattern fabric for the DIY roman shades, the gray arrow fabric for the reading nook cushion and the yellow and colored arrow fabrics for a few oversized accent pillows on the reading nook.  

I need to order the yards of fabric ASAP if I want to complete everything within the next 2 weeks.  YIKES!  

Don't forget to check out these amazingly talented bloggers that are participating in the ORC at Calling it Home.



  1. I love all of those fabric samples & can't wait to see how this comes together!

  2. This is my first ORC too, and I'm loving it as well. Those fabrics are great. I love the mix you chose. The colours and patterns all work really well together.

  3. Your fabrics are so pretty and fun and I love the hanging artwork! Oh and good hubby for doing the yucky work!

    1. Thanks Christine! Thank God it wasn't me under the house. I would have freaked out!

  4. I hope this isn't too silly of a reason to comment on this lovely post, but I was drinking and I spit it out from laughing so hard at the pixelated picture, HILARIOUS. Thank you for the spit take :D

    1. I had to post it - he was not pleased to be under there. LOL! Glad it made you laugh :)

  5. I love the fabric samples...that's going to be a beautiful nook!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands


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