Thursday, January 15, 2015

Big News... Mom! Where's My Car? Wall Garage Launch

Hi friends!  There has been such an overwhelmingly positive response to my Do-It-Yourself car garage project that it became very clear to me that I was not the only one in desperate need of getting their kid's growing collection of toy cars off the floor.  

Knowing that not everyone out there has the time, resources, or interest to be a DIY'er I've been thinking, "How can I get this car garage to the masses?" And so with encouragement from family and friends the Mom! Where's my car? wall garage has been put into production!

I am thrilled to announce the opening of the Mom! Where's my car? online shop!

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Remember when I mentioned that I've been working on something here?  This is it!  It's been a very long but very exciting process to get this business up and running and I could not have done it without the support and urging from many of you to make it happen.

We designed the Mom! Where's my car? wall garage to be convenient, customized and made with high quality materials.  Without having to leave your home you can shop, receive and hang your way to a toy car clutter free floor.

The Mom! Where's my car? wall garage improves upon the original converted shoe rack by having customized consistent spacing between each shelf and most importantly comes completely assembled with all mounting hardware included.  All you need is a pencil and a Phillips screwdriver and in 4 easy steps you can put the brakes on toy car clutter!  Click here to buy now.

If you told me two years ago that this seemingly simple idea would be as popular as it is and could potentially be the little engine that could clear toy car clutter forever I would have laughed.  But if my family and I can bring some peace, independence, and organization into your home then all our efforts to bring it to you will be worth it.

Come along with us to put the brakes on toy car clutter at Mom! Where's mycar?

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