Thursday, September 8, 2016

DIY Yarn Wrapped Bunny Tail Grass

There is something about the first week of September that gets me giddy.  Maybe it's the smell of new school pencils and erasers or the fact that we've had some abnormally crisp cool mornings this week in Pasadena but I am all sorts of excited for the Fall season. It's too early for Halloween decorations but I'm dying to start decorating the house for the upcoming holidays. If you follow me on Instagram...
you know that I'm just a few days shy of having baby #3! I've been logging in some

serious hours on the couch as of late. You know what that means... craft time from the couch for this large and in charge mama! My latest DIY is some transitional Summer to Fall Mantel decor.  These DIY yarned wrapped bunny tail grass stalks are super easy.

I was original inspired by the Color Wrapped Wheat project I pinned by the uber talented Michael at Inspired By Charmed. His blog is chock full of amazing decor, DIYs and recipes.  I especially like the specialty cocktail posts like his Peppermint Espresso Martini... tastes SOOOOO good when it hits your lips...

Back to my DIY - like I was saying, it's too early for Halloween and Thanksgiving decor so I wanted to create something that was transitional from Summer to Fall. I combined a couple of traditional fall colors with some summer coastal colors.  Since Navy is my JAM I chose a Navy, Cream, Gold and Orange color scheme for the yarn.

Supplies needed for this project are:
  1. Dried Bunny Tail Grass from the craft store
  2. Variety of Colored Yarn from the craft store
  3. Scissors

Step 1: Gather 7 stalks of bunny tail and bunch them together tightly with your fingers. Tie a knot of yarn around once at the top to secure the stalks together.
Step 2: While holding the string of yarn in place twist the bunched stalks of bunny tails around and around so that the yarn twists down the stalk about 2 to 3 inches.
Step 3: Tie another knot at the bottom to hold everything together
Step 4: Trim the excess yarn at the top and bottom with scissors

And repeat!
.... aaaaaand you're done!  Super simple. I did the entire bunch of bunny tail while watching my guilty pleasure Soap Opera General Hospital #sorrynotsorry (I starting watching it with my mom when I was a kid while she folded laundry on her bed.... thank god for DVR!!!)

The bunny tail grass is so warm and cozy am I right?! They look so cute in the white summer lantern I picked up at HomeGoods which sits pretty on a couple of rustic wood rounds from Target. I'm thinking this is the perfect combination for the seasonal transition from Summer to Fall.  Especially since September is usually scorching in SoCal!

What hints of Fall decor are making their way into your home this September?


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