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In the months leading up to my husband and I purchasing our second home we would do "drive by's" (in the non-hostile sense of course!) of our dream house countless times in a given week.  Each time we drove by (at 10 mph) my face would be pressed up against the car window as I dreamed of one day living there and thinking about how I would make it our own.  I was literally stalking this house...if stalking a house was possible.  On Father's Day of 2008 it was official, we moved into my little cupcake of a house.  

our home 2008... aka Cupcake
I instantly fell in love with its charm - I'd never seen a house quite like it.  I love how the architecture is a cross between traditional east coast colonial and west coast craftsman.  Very fitting for a gal who grew up in Boston and currently lives in Southern California. I'm constantly updating this page as each room is transformed little by little.  Keep in mind… no room is ever "done".

Living Room

Dining Room


Kitchen "Mudroom"

First Floor Hallway and Newly Renovated Stairs to the Second Floor.  
Click here to see Before and After pictures.

Second Floor Master Bedroom.  Currently in the process of a remodel.
Click here to see the progress.

Master Bedroom Closet.  Click here to see before and after. 

Second Floor Master "Bathroom"



  1. LO! THis blog is awesome! I love it - thanks so much for sharing. Loving what's happening with the house. Happy birthday to your babies....please don't let them grow another year!

  2. So cute!!!! I love it all. So clean, modern, and fresh.


  3. You have such a lovely house!

  4. Such a great home with lovely ceiling details! And your kitchen is beautiful! I'm digging the black and white floors;)

  5. Love all that you've done. Look forward to following along to see what's next!

  6. Beautiful home! I love the little hits of colour (and chevron) throughout the house. Fabulous bathroom makeover, and the monograms in the boys' room are adorable! Thanks for sharing it, fun tour!!
    Krista @thehappyhousie

  7. Your home is gorgeous. I love that it is homey and traditional but fresh too. I'm going to snoop some more. :)

  8. Can you tell me if the mailbox color you ordered was antique bronze? It looks black in the photo of your entry way. Beautiful pic!

    1. Hi! Yes it is the antique bronze - it's definitely more black than bronze in person.

  9. Visiting from Blog Hobnob Link Party! Love your home...so quaint and beautiful! Looking forward to following along with each new post!

    @seeking Lavender Lane

  10. Hi! Where is your sofa from? Love it!

  11. lo, this is joan's hs friend. love your decorating, organizational ideas. you have real talent and creativity

  12. I sooo enjoyed all the postings & am very proud of you & applaud your creativity & the cuteness of those twin grandsons is a blessing!

  13. Hi Lo! I love your blog and your creative ideas! In some ways the picture of your house reminds me of some houses here in Austria. Love it! And what you made of every single room is amazing! I keep following you blog...Greetings from Austria! Elisabeth

  14. where did you get the fabric for the kitchen stools please. I've been scanning the net looking for them.


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